Minifigures Lego collection is a set with a Lego theme in 2010. Each one character figurines are brand new models and designs unique accessories-No longer seen so far and the clothes are also perfectly chosen. Were taken six sets of 96 unique characters Lego minifigures. First series was taken in 2011 in the UK in 2012 and immediately was taken in USA
Lego Collection Series Minifgures are individual numbers, based in general culture, movies, history, sports. The pieces are sold, unmarked, sealed, offering fans of these pieces little ones a chance to choose any figure he wants for his collection but should be aware that it is not easy to get the complete collection.

Lego pieces contained an universal system. Despite differences in design and purpose of these unique pieces over the years, they still remain compatible with existing parts are. 1958 Lego bricks can be used with those made today, and sets for adolescents are consistent with those made ​​for young children.
Each Lego piece is made ​​to a perfect precision. When coupled two pieces must be fit and be easily removed. Machines used in Lego bricks are small tolerances about ten micrometers.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

fantastic battle

interesting battle in which good defeats evil every time

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